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Man or Astro-Man?

Amazing show. Been waiting to see these guys for ages.


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The Rolling Stones

I didn’t realize the concert was even happening. I thought it was later in the month. I heard some stones blaring from a convertible, turned on the radio, and immediately started trying to rationalize going. Ended up buying a ticket through the stubhub app on my phone outside an hour before the show.  Best decision ever. My favorite song/album by the Stones is Emotional Rescue. They played the title track for the first time ever live. That’s what you call destiny. One of the best moments of my concert going life.


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Adventures in beer

Finally had a chance to try Pliny the Younger yesterday. Although it’s not in contention for being one of my favorites, I have to admit, I’ve never tasted anything more balanced. Amazing precision. 


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Favorite Albums of 2012

So this is a list of my favorite albums of 2012. I said favorite, not best. There are some albums like Swans “The Seer” that I think are truly incredible, but these are the ones that I listened to over and over. As a list of favorites, I’ll also just tell you why I love them instead of giving any sort of analysis. If you want to analyze them, listen to them. Also the tracks I have linked are what I could find on sound cloud with a quick search. Some are favorite tracks some aren’t. Some represent the album as a whole, others do not. Everyone should listen to all of these albums in their entirety, so I make no apologies.

Django Django Django Django– This album was the most instantly likable album of the year for me.

Father John Misty Fear Fun– I’m always a sucker for lyrics and I also live in Los Angeles.

Reptar Body Faucet– Appeals to my love of Paul Simon. Also has the best aspects of Tune-Yards and Vampire Weekend without the drawbacks.

Pond Beards,Wives, Denim Great album despite the hipsterific title.

Nick Waterhouse Time’s All Gone Great album. Loved it even more after catching him with the Allah La’s at El Rey

Howler America Give Up– Love everything about it. Also the best album title of the year and some great song titles too.

Damien JuradoMaraqopa- Simply amazing. Favorite album to chill out to.

The Men Open Your Heart– Because sometimes you wanna rock hard. Also saw them at The Smell and it was amazing.

Cloud Nothings Attack on Memory– Sometimes you also wanna rock not quite as hard.

Dr. Dog Be the Void- It seems like it was released an eternity ago, but still an amazing album. Always incredible live. The show at the Ford Theatre with Cotton Jones was one of my favorites of the year.

The Walkmen Heaven- Most consistent band there is. Another great album.

Divine Fits A Thing Called Divine Fits- Britt Daniel involved with a great album? Shocker.

Matthew E. White Big Inner- Though heavily borrowed, it’s pretty amazing.

And finally The Discovered in 2012 but not released in 2012 award goes to….

Junip Fields- Sooooooo good. I reallly hope they record more albums.

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Yacht 10th Anniversary Show


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MLS Cup Final


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It’s about time

Knee activated public restroom sink


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Tilly and The Wall

Approximately the 7th time I’ve seen them. Best show since the first 2.


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Trip to the Watts Towers

Finally made it to the Watts Towers today. You should go. You should give them money too.

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