Posted by: baropbop | February 27, 2010

World Travel Begins March 10!!!

After some delays, setbacks, and unexpected adventures…. world travels are finally ready to commence! It’s been a very long process getting to this point, but I am definitely looking forward to the adventure. It’s difficult to leave the people that I love, but I have to do, shwhat I have to do. By design I have done very little research and planning, which I’m sure that I will inevitably regret in some areas, but it should add to the challenge aspect of this journey. I look forward to precarious situations and feeling out of place in general. New food, new people, new places, new activities and all of the various activities I plan on diving into should be all the more enjoyable when coupled with my own internal and external struggles.



  1. Just remember which country gave you your freedoms!

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