Posted by: baropbop | March 22, 2010

Camping- Part Tres

After a few days in the jungle our sherpa came bringing the rest of our food and some gasoline. It was a big help and much needed. It was pretty neat to see how easily he navigated the river.

One of my favorite things I did on the camping trip was drift snorkeling. I would hike up the river a bit. Dive in and just let the current take me back down while I scanned the crystal clear waters at my own leisure. Not as many fish as I expected but some pretty interesting stuff nonetheless.

The family that hosted on the first made the trek up a couple days after that and they brought a few more things for us. They hung out for a while and helped out a lot. They even gigged some fish for our lunch. It was really good and a great change from the strict from the can diet we had been following. They also found some fruit for us along the river. I don’t know what it is called but it looks like a giant bean and the beans that are inside have very large seeds. The seeds are wrapped in a grape like wrapper that tastes a lot like coconut. It was really good and different than anything I’ve ever had.

After that days quickly fell into a bit of a routine. Waking just after the sun and falling asleep shortly after dark. The second to last night we saw what looked like a satellite passing through our atmoshphere. It was very bright and looked like it was emitting the light and not reflecting it. It was moving pretty slow and in a straight line. Right after we started looking at it, it became about the same brightness as other stars. Than we saw 2 more in the same general area. Not really sure what it was, moved to slow to be a meteor and planes don’t fly over that area.  All four of us saw it though.

And before you know it. It was time to head out of the woods to recharge.



  1. Great stories. The fruit that you ate in a pod is called Tamarind and those pretty white flowers are plumeria. I can’t believe you discovered a new species…that’s my favorite part of your trip so far!

  2. You weren’t joking about the fat.

  3. Thanks Matt. These were actually taken once I lost weight. The massive muscles under a baggy shirt make it hard to tell though.

  4. I’ll have to use that line sometime.

    Awesome adventures so far!

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