Posted by: baropbop | March 22, 2010

Camping Trip- Part 1

Due to privacy concerns, some details of this trip must be omitted.

After driving a few hours from Santiago, Panama toward the Pacific coast we finally arrived at the farm where we would leave hour car. There was also a pit stop at a roadside cantina, they are in abundance in rural Panama. The first farm, where we began was very cool and I had “Cashew Fruit” straight from the tree for the first time. It’s very stringent due to its high Iron content. Once we were all packed up the real adventure began. The four of us divided up the large amount of groceries we purchased and packed that in with our personal items. With tent food, equipment, etc I would estimate my pack was at least 40 pounds. Those of you who have seen me recently can vouch for how fat and out of shape I am, so this was definitely going to be brutal. We began hiking and immediately started crossing the river that we were following repeatedly. With wet feet, a pack that’s too heavy and too small giving me a high center of gravity, and the sun beating down I began to lurch across the countryside.

Eventually we made it to the second farm just before dark, where we would stay for the night. The host family killed a chicken for us and made us a nice dinner. I spaced out while everyone else had conversations in Spanish. This family had a generator so they were able to watch dvds. We got to see a mexican bullriding video where at least 30 people were killed and the worst american western film ever made. I’ll remember the name of it soon and post it. It could be a cult hit, it’s so delightfully awful. The film did reintroduce us to the term “Tinhorn” which became a staple of the camp’s lingo. Eventually we all passed out on foam mats on the open air concrete slap that makes up the bulk of the farm house. Various animals woke us on the hour, but it was still good to get some sleep.


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