Posted by: baropbop | March 26, 2010

Things are pretty chill

Things are pretty relaxed here in Pedasi. I really love this town. I’m enjoying my time here and think that this weekend should be a lot of fun. Might actually do something after dark for the first time, but you never know. So far my sleep cycle is a little wack. I’ve been staying up till about 1 a.m. and waking by 8 a.m. My energy level is really high though. So it works out well. It’s amazing how much time you can waste on the internet.

Yesterday I went to the beach, charlie’s farm, the small engine repair shop, and to charlie’s girlfriends clothing store that is just beginning its renovations. Has not opened yet, but it looks like it will be really cool. Also for lunch charlie and I had 2 bottles of Coca Cola, 2 Cervezas, fish rice beans and fried chicken rice beans…..grand total….$7.50. Awesome!

Starting to make some plans for April….

Internacional de surf Playa Venao- April 2-4

Costa RIca- April 10-18

Bocas del Toro- April 30- May 5



  1. Will, I think there is a misprint.

    Did this really say your energy level is high? That’s a first.

    Have fun. Watch out for those wild women.

    Love ya,

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