Posted by: baropbop | March 29, 2010

Travel Tip 1

Traveling to Central America and worried about staying in contact with friends, family, people you meet along the way? Leave your cell phone at home and buy one when you get here. I’m definitely not one to advocate waste, but it’s really the most effective thing to do. Especially when american companies want to charge $1.50-$2 per minute when roaming…if your phone even works. I just went to “Cable & Wireless” of Panama and purchased  a new Nokia 1661. Not the best phone. But decent. I also received $8 worth of domestic calling credit and purchased $20 of international roaming credit. All prepaid, no contract, grand total $43. I’ve also been told that at least domestically international Incoming calls don’t count toward your minutes at all. I have not tested this, but it’s what I was told.

I don’t really plan on talking on the phone at all, but it’s a nice safety net and makes it much easier to be completely flexible with your travel. Especially in an area where internet access is not always easy to come by.



  1. Hit me on my burner, pre-paid wireless.

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