Posted by: baropbop | April 7, 2010

I’m no Hemingway

After much anticipation I finally got to go on a fishing trip today. I have really been looking forward to it since I have not been fishing in a while and the waters here are quite fertile. Unfortunately the day started off on a bad note. Woke up at 5:30 and was at the boat by 6:30, only to realize that I left the memory card for my camera on the night stand. We shoved the 22 foot boat with Captain manning the hand throttled outboard off the beach and we were on our way.

The seas were pretty rough as we headed out toward the quite lovely Isla Iguana. It looked nice, but it was sort of hard to see straight when you’re bouncing around like a racquetball. We began our fishing with one of my favorite techniques, Jigging. Shout out to my homeboy Jiggy (aka Will aka Gabe). So after getting my jig hung on a rock for a while, we decided to start trolling instead. Wasn’t too long until the other 2 fishermen on the boat hooked some small Bonita. But wouldn’t you know that as soon as the fish start biting I begin vomiting over the side of the boat. I thought the PBJ on the way out would be enough to hold back the seas sickness, I was wrong.

THEY proceeded to catch Amberjack, Albacore Tuna, Red Snapper, Grouper, and a few other tasty treats. I proceeded to eject some sort of yellow bile once all the food and fluids were gone. It was awesome. Almost forgot to mention that it was also the hottest day of the year. Ever gotsta sunburn on your armpit while vomiting? It also rules. From my fetal position and glossy eyes I did manage to see a black tip shark and a massive hammerhead and the first chemtrails of my trip. However, I evidently missed two more UFOs and a Sailfish! It’s pretty rad that you can catch most every sporting fish known to man slightly offshore in a glorified canoe.

Luckily part of my college education was developing a knack for participating in conversation even between dry heaves. So it wasn’t all bad. When we weren’t sitting still i actually felt fine. I think it was a combination of overheating on top of lacking sea legs. It somehow still managed to be a pretty fun trip. The water was beautiful. The cruising and trolling periods were nice too and lacked spewing. Eventually after an eternity we decided to head back in. Right as I was vividly imagining sand between my toes we dropped anchor so the captain could clean the fish. We were about 500 yards out…and even though someone was eaten by a shark on that very beach 4 days before I knew I could make it.

I decided not to make the swim. I was too tired. So I just reclined back with my head right next to the blood splatter and fish guts and closed my eyes for a bit. Had another PBJ too. This time it worked a little better. Finally the fish were hacked into baggies and we headed for shore. Oh land. Sweet sweet land. I am headed back toward you. I finally made it, but not before a Frigate took a shit on my head.



  1. Bless your armpit.

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