Posted by: baropbop | April 18, 2010


Made it to Tamarindo and found a decent place to stay pretty quickly. Tourist season is quickly winding down and i’m quite thankful. I can’t even imagine how overrun this place would be if it was peak season. The beach is really beautiful and the bars are plentiful. Unfortunately, the drive took quite a lot out of me. Lunch at the “Beach Club” was extremely good, though a little pricey. The roasted chicken was awesome and the gazpacho was probably the best I have ever had. Did a little walking around the beach, watched a nice sunset, had some beers and that was pretty much the extent of the day. The next morning after another walk on the beach, we decided to take the scenic route to Santa Teresa, so we had to get on the road quickly. I estimated that the trip would take about 5 hours. So, not much time in Tamarindo. I didn’t surf Witch’s Rock, which was on my list of must dos. Little disappointed that I missed that, but I’m ready for something a little less developed.



  1. in reference to the pic with the backpacks! jesus! and u make fun of me for carrying too much”stuff”!!!

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