Posted by: baropbop | April 19, 2010

Driving from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa- The scenic route

Luckily I was eager to leave Tamarindo, because I drastically underestimated how long the drive to Santa Teresa would take. Granted there were a lot of stops and photo opportunities, but it turned out to be a relatively grueling drive. I would estimate that approximately 25% of the forks in the road are labeled. Often the signs that you do see aren’t referencing points of interest or any of the points on our particular map. In the end we made it. A few wrong turns a few rivers crossed and some decent directions from helpful locals made it all the more interesting.

One of the highlights of the drive was the purple and orange crab we saw at a cantina near Samara. I told the story about how I had seen a similar crab on a Discovery channel show a few years back. If I remember correctly the crabs live in the jungle, but they travel in mass to the beaches to drop eggs on the beaches. I still don’t know if the show was actually filmed in Costa Rica or if this is just a common occurrence, but either way we saw the crabs. We also drove over many of them like the tourists on the show were doing as well.

The drive also featured some of the most incredible beaches to date.



  1. Poor little crabs 😦 Thanks for posting the worst picture ever of me. How could you miss and entire Santa Theresa post? Did you already forget about that leg of the trip?!

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