Posted by: baropbop | April 24, 2010

More Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, and Montezuma

The second night we stayed at Casa Zen in Santa Teresa. Pretty nice place with a good restaurant, but they didn’t have air conditioning and they charged for internet per usage. The air conditioning is a big deal on really hot days, not such a big deal on other days, but I was fully expecting Casa Zen to be the nicest place I stayed on the entire trip, so it really pissed me off that they charged for internet. I’ve stayed in some really crappy places that still provide free wifi. Otherwise, it’s a pretty awesome place to stay. The restaurant just next to it “Liberal Cafe” is very good…and even they have free wifi.

After a lot more hanging out on the beach and playing in the tide pools it was time to head toward Montezuma. The drive there also took us through Mal Pais. We decided to do a little exploring. We found a huge open lot on a huge point that looked like it was going to be ideal for snorkeling. Unfortunately, there was a ton of kelp in the water which made the visibility terrible. We drove a little further and came across some truly incredible ocean views and an ocean front soccer pitch that was really amazing. After a couple hours and one of the easiest drives of the entire trip we made it to Montezuma. That’s when I proceeded to hike up and jump off the waterfall…that video was posted a little prematurely….and i’m also about 10 days and 4 cities behind on my posts. Sorry.




  1. i feel ya on the no AC !! kinda hard to sleep isn’t it??

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