Posted by: baropbop | May 18, 2010

Day of rest

Upon reaching San Jose, I decided to take a day off and just relax. Other than a quick walk to a cafe for lunch, I stayed in the hostel for the entire day. A couple interesting things happened during that day. One thing that immediately jumped out at me upon arriving back at the “Costa Rica Backpacker’s” hostel was the police presence. There were at least 3 cops just kinda hanging out there at all times. It seemed very odd. After several hours I finally asked the guy sitting next to me in the TV room, “What’s the deal with all the cops?” Evidently I hadn’t read the sign that was posted in the kitchen that explained their presence. Somehow the government discovered a group of young asian men who had been brought to San Jose against their will and held captive. They were essentially slaves. Working in terrible conditions and were not receiving any wages. They had just been rescued a couple of days before and evidently the government couldn’t figure out what to do with them. So they were staying in the hostel as guests and the police were there to make sure that everyone felt comfortable about their presence. I think the police presence had the exact opposite effect, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. Even when one cop stopped by to chat with the other cops and felt the need to bring an Uzi inside with him. That was pretty shocking.

So now that I knew what was going on I felt a little more at ease and luckily I continued to chat with the guy I had questioned. His name was Brian and after about 10 minutes of chatting he told me that he was from Pensacola. Small world. Very small world. We talked about Centro and business ideas and the home town and many other things and then he really dropped a bomb on me. He began telling me about his claim to fame…and boy is it interesting! Enjoy



  1. What the heck is a handathon? The website didn’t actually seem to say.

    • It’s a contest where the last person to remove there hand from an object wins that object…usually cars. My new friend has won something like 30 cars.

  2. I was nervous to click on the link at work. Turns out it was completely innocent!

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