Posted by: baropbop | May 24, 2010

Puerto Viejo

After a nice relaxing night in the hostel it was time to do some exploring around town. Only one small problem… as I was taking a little siesta in the hammock I was completely annihilated by mosquitoes. Bugs have never particularly liked me and this was by far a new experience. Even compared to all the camping I’ve done and the jungles of Panama weeks before, they were nothing compared to the buffet I became in that hammock. They focused primarily on the left side of my back, but my legs and arms suffered a beating too. I would estimate about 50 bites on my back, 25 on each arm and another 10-15 on each leg. Presumably due to the sheer number of bites, each one began to swell tremendously. Needless to say, it was a pretty brutal feeling. As time went along more and more seemed to just pop up even though I didn’t ever even notice that I was getting bit. I didn’t even fool with the markets. I went straight to the pharmacy and after the pharmacist picked her jaw up off the floor, she gave me an allergy cream and Allegra to take daily. None of the usual treatments, this was obviously an allergic reaction. Long story short, the medicine worked and after about five days I was clear.

As if that weren’t enough Puerto Viejo is home to the worst locals in all of central america. By far the most aggressive drug dealers and just an over all collection of low lifes. I met multiple people that were physically attacked and it became clear pretty quick that everyone I talked to was ready to get the hell out of there. I really only went out one night and that was plenty. There were grown men shamelessly asking me to by them a drink for no good reason other than that they thought I was a sucker and the most persistent and annoying drug dealers I have ever seen. I definitely had that something bad is about to happen feeling every time I was out at night. However, this time it wasn’t just stupid paranoia. Although nothing bad happened to me, I did meet several people who pretty much covered every realm of bad experience thanks to the locals. I lucked out and managed to have an ok time and even made some friends, but still my recommendation is,


After around 3 days or so it was time to move on… Next stop….Bocas del Toro



  1. My whole life is a constant exercise in that “something bad is about to happen” feeling. And you know what? I’m right about 10 percent of the time. I should get some prozac.

    • Well this paranoia actually turned out to be warranted. Heard lots of horror stories.

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