Posted by: baropbop | June 11, 2012

Civic Center Station

I was taking the subway to work yesterday and completely zoned out on the way. I was one stop passed my destination when I realized my mistake. So I got off the train and prepared to double back on the next train. I was waiting on the platform when something on the ceiling caught my eye. There were people trying to commit suicide onto the tracks, just like in the Sion Sono film Suicide Club I had just recently watched.

So people weren’t actually jumping. It was even better than that. Someone had created a sculpture installation of people falling from the ceiling. I was actually shocked by this. Not by the sculptures themselves, but by the fact that this could have ever been approved for a city owned space. I’m really glad it was approved. It is completely amazing, but it was surprisingly morbid. The sculptures also have numbers on their chests as if they were prisoners, or some sort of body count. I have specifically chosen not to read anything about these sculptures until I’ve fully finished enjoying my own interpretation of the images. I can see many ways that this could easily be spun into something more uplifting than “People Diving onto Train Tracks.” However, that’s what it looked liked to me. It’s well worth the train ride downtown to see. I’m really appreciative of the art throughout various train stations in LA. I also think it’s time I do something about my A.D.D.









  1. We would love to post the top photo at toemail if you do not mind?

    • I don’t mind. Would appreciate a mention. Glad you like it. Thanks

  2. It’s posted now. Thanks so much we really appreciate it!

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